Why Integrity!

There is much said in the word "integrity"! According to the Websters New Collegtiate Dictionary, it means: 1, an unimpaired condition: sound: incorruptibility: 2, firm adherence to a code of esp. moral or artistic values, undivided: completeness: syn. see honesty, unity.

In the overcrowded world we live in today, we tend to get so involved in our lives, it's sometimes a wonder that we ever see the beauty of life. Our children are under incredible peer pressure and the stresses of work and money can literally drive you nuts. Add to that spousal pressure and our environment on the decline, it seems harder to get the quality of life we all crave.

I do believe that the vast majority of us are trying to live our lives the best way we can and here is where integrity is so important.

Integrity plays a role in every aspect of our lives. When you are raising children, as the good parent you are, you want to teach them right from wrong. To learn about family values and how to treat others with respect, and to remain steadfast when someone try's to steer you in the wrong direction. Raising children is difficult but a very worthy endeavor. There is no manual for parenting so how does one instill these values on our children? How does a child learn about integrity?

They will learn from example. If you as a parent do not hold firm in what you know is right or wrong, and your own integrity waivers, then all you good intentions as a parent will back fire on you. Children see everything! Even very small children observe everything you say and do and will mimic you.

In the work place you are expected to perform duties that will benefit the group as a whole. This is survival for you and your co-workers. But what happens when a co-worker slacks on the job, is dishonest, lies about what he or she is doing? This directly affects you and the group as a whole. If you know this is going on and you do nothing about it, then you are cutting your own income and letting the group down. The company is now not working as a well-greased machine but instead others have to work harder to pick up the slack. It is the responsibility of each individual to remain committed to doing what is right even if it means you may hurt someone's feelings or even getting a co-worker fired. Dead weight on the job is not survival for you and your fellow workers. Realize that your actions affect others.

Most people are social and have friends and do things together like having weekend barbeques or attending birthday parties etc. Like most people, I'm sure you've observed and experienced people you feel completely comfortable with others you don't want to be around. Someone lacking integrity can make you uncomfortable. They may say one thing and then do another, or change sides and be easily swayed into doing something they shouldn't. Someone who does not hold steadfast in their beliefs and remain committed to their morals, personal ethics and honesty will not be trusted or respected.

Your integrity will be tested over and over again, but your very happiness and self- respect relies on being true to yourself and others. Can you be perfect? No! Will you mess up sometimes? Yes! Do you beat yourself up about it? No! Pick yourself up, dust off, take responsibility and try harder next time to do the right thing.

There is a great motivational poster called "Integrity-Waves". It states: "Integrity comes when character is tested; keep true and never be ashamed of doing what is right". Having this on your wall at home or in the work place is a good reminder for you, your family or your fellow workers. I found this poster at http://www.artinspires.com/display_motivational.asp?c=Integrity.

May you never be the same!

Willie Jones

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