Time to Change the World!

Here's something you can do each day that will REALLY make a difference to provide:

FOOD for the hungry, MAMMOGRAMS for poor women, BOOKS for children, save HABITAT for endangered animals, CARE for injured animals and HEALTH CARE for poor children.

Click on THE HUNGER SITE (http://www.thehungersite.com)-- once a day - and site sponsors will provide a cup of food - while you are there you will find links to donate to all the other good causes listed above.

Want to feel GOOD about doing something good every day? You can even get a reminder email so you come back each day - and MORE good things happen!

Random Acts of Kindness

- anonymously leave a bag of groceries on the doorstep of someone going through a tough financial time

- send a "just thinking of you" card in the mail to a friend

- offer to babysit for a single mom

- volunteer your time to help people learn to read, write a new resume of practice their interview skills

- be a "fill in" grandparent for the kids in the neighborhood whose own grandparents live far away

- if you're an experienced mom, why not "mentor" a younger (possibly single) mom who needs some guidance?

- give an extra few dollars to the barista at the coffee bar and tell her it's to pay for the coffee for the person behind you

Send me your ideas! mailto:dreams@thinkwithoutboundaries.com with "random acts of kindness" in the subject line!

Wendy McClelland is a motivational speaker, marketing innovator and Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach who specializes in teaching people to "think without boundaries!" She is a past nominee for "Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year" and her clients have included software developers, an Olympic athlete and a wide range of business organizations. She has spoken to 10,000+ conference attendees, about Marketing, Internet Business and Motivation. You can contact her through her website - www.thinkwithoutboundaries.com">http://www.thinkwithoutboundaries.com


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