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A Perspective on Life!

All of our lives we always seem to direct our concern toward attempting to conclude our life path or destiny in this lifetime without really knowing or understanding what this means to us. In reality the importance lies not in trying to determine our life path or destiny, but, in effect of how much growth we accomplish within one lifetime.

Where Did We Miss?

Talking with friends, people I meet on a regular basis, I realized that many of us make a bigger a deal of meditation than it actually is. For some people, meditation is somewhat of a discipline, and for others it's the discipline about meditation that makes them run away from it.

Surrender, Complete Healing, and the Garden of Eden

In 1982, I found myself in Eden. What I found out from my brief visit there is that the Garden of Eden is not a piece of real estate, but a state of being-the reality matrix in which human beings were designed to thrive.

Psychic Sponge Syndrome: The Easy Inner-Centrifuge Remedy

Here's a nifty trick to use to clear yourself of any psychic "stuff" you may pick up as you move through the world. I learned the basic format for it from a woman who had the booth space adjacent to mine at a tradeshow.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Raise Your Frequency with These Divine Gifts

The volatile essences of aromatic plants contain potent, complex, natural chemical compounds that work at multiple levels to catalyze physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Science is at last looking in earnest at the mechanical action essential oils have on organisms, but perhaps the oils' most important, and at the same time, most under-explored, factor, is their inherent frequency-their intact Life Force Energy and intelligence.

Life Inspiration: 12 Tips for Successful Living

1. Constant affirmation without accountability is a sure-fire way to cripple a child.

Innocent Fun

Just the other day, I escaped the business of my daily life and sought refuge on the water front here in Montreal in an attempt to recharge my energies.Taking advantage of a beautiful day, I walked along the long stretch of the Saint Lawrence River, as a way of my meditation routine.

Time for Sunshine

Having spring around makes you feel different after such a long winter journey. How well do you feel when you have a little bit of sunshine in your life? What effect does it do have on our psyche? The power of sunshine brings us a lot of comfort, optimism, self-confidence and of course a smile.

What Legacy Are We Leaving Our Children?

Children can seem exhausting, annoying, wonderful, loud and funny all at the same time. They are a lot of work especially in the beginning years but what we need to realize is that they are our future so what we do with them in the early to teen years is important because they will become the leaders while we behold the golden years.

Quest for Freedom--A Story Of Pure Courage

The Nazis stormed into the house of Stanislavsky Lech, who was Jewish, herded the entire family out at gunpoint, packed them into an overcrowded train, filled with the stench of death and despair, and sent them to Krakow.Then, before his eyes, Lech saw his entire family shot.

Being Relatable in Todays World as a Christian

There are reasons we cross paths with those that we do. Sometimes its SO obvious, because we have walked a mile or two in what that person is going thru.

Giving Can Overcome Language Differences

I recently had to take a trip to Germany. It has been more than ten years since making my last international trip.

The 5 Fortunes Within

What could be nearer to us than our own selves. What could be a greater fortune to discover than our own love.

Self Esteem - What It Really Is and How to Raise It

Self esteem.Now there's a well used and little understood term.

20 Ways To Improve Your Life

People often ask me how they can improve their lives.I always give them very specific advice on simple things they can do to create a radical shift in their experience of life.

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