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You Can Make a Difference

When I study of world these days, I see a lot of despair, and hopeless. There are countless problems that our society faces such as war, the degradation of the environment, and crimeHowever, I believe that there is hope for the future of society.

5 Notions That Americans Should Put Out To Pasture

Wisdom and knowledge come from the same family but are as different as apples and watermelons. What we call common wisdom is what made you expect me to say oranges instead of watermelons.

Re-Define Realistic: True Power Series

This is the eighth article in our "True Power" series. If you haven't been following the series, visit TheARTrepreneur.

Hope For Those Sexually Abused As Children

PART 1: Warning - This article may be inappropriate for younger readers. Please seek the permission of a parent or guardian before reading further.

How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection! Who hasn't experienced the horrible feeling of being rejected? Unfortunately we are often judged on what we do or say, which leads to either being accepted or rejected, valued or discarded.The feeling of being rejected can come through a look, a sigh, comment, criticism or even silence - like when you apply for a job, summit a paper, send an email or letter and you get no reply! Or when you get a rejection letter having applied for a job.

Inside Secrets On How To Stay Afloat During Tough Times

Do you find yourself asking questions when tough times come like, 'Why has this come my way?' or 'What did I do to deserve it?' It has sometimes crossed my mind, 'Why me?' when I'm faced with what seemed like an insurmountable problem.Never allow negative thoughts to rule when you have the temptation to quit!I have learnt not to dwell on negative thoughts when I am tempted to quit.

Giving Life Meaning

Have you thought about what you want people to say about you after you're gone? Can you hear the voices saying, "He was a great man." Or "She really will be missed.

Moment of Grace

The bedrock of the Christian faith is the good news about God's love. Christian teachings about who we are and about our relationship with our Lord and each other is rooted in the fact that God is love and that He loves His creatures.

Why Integrity!

There is much said in the word "integrity"! According to the Websters New Collegtiate Dictionary, it means: 1, an unimpaired condition: sound: incorruptibility: 2, firm adherence to a code of esp. moral or artistic values, undivided: completeness: syn.

Fear, Faith, and Believing vs. Knowing

Fear is deeply rooted in uncertainty. Think about it; the only you've ever feared was the unknown.

Live After 40

"For man, as a specie, and unlike other inhabitants of the globe, does not just ravage mindlessly the planet of its bounties in order to survive. He endeavours to leave behind legacies of the application of his mind.

Time to Change the World!

Here's something you can do each day that will REALLY make a difference to provide:FOOD for the hungry, MAMMOGRAMS for poor women, BOOKS for children, save HABITAT for endangered animals, CARE for injured animals and HEALTH CARE for poor children.Click on THE HUNGER SITE (http://www.

How to Scare Fear Out of Your Life

A reader asks: "Many times in my life I have let fear rule me and stop me from doing something I wanted to do. Do you have any suggestions for how to handle fear?"There are many successful strategies for dealing with fear in your life.

Summertime - Take Time To Smell The Roses

I AM SO GRATEFUL for the time to smell the roses. Lying in a hammock between two shade trees Or wandering through a multicolodred rose garden, Sitting quietly and communing with nature Beholding something beautiful in each person I meet.

How To Walk On The Path Of Peace (Part 1)

As there are silent depths in the ocean, which the fiercest storm cannot reach, so there are silent, holy depths in the heart of man which the storms of confusion and sorrow can never disturb. To reach this silence and to live consciously in it is peace.

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An Inspirational 'Be Humble' Day  Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

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