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Victory is an Accomplishment

Did you ever watch a bird in flight? Especially ducks or geese as they take off from the water? The take off is not the soaring grace of flight; it is a struggle, an accomplishment to get the bird out of the water and into the air. The REAL victory of flight is not the feat of soaring on air currents to a final destination, once in flight the bird has relative ease from his struggles.

Money or Faith?

I've been to 64-countries, and yes money comes in handy, and goes quickly (and is useful and has its influence), I've had a ton of it at one time or another and an ounce of faith, and I'll take faith any day-why? I'll explain. Anybody who has been in a combated zone, under fire will tell you: '?keep the money, I need faith right now.

Everyone Has Been Hurt...Part 1

I want to share some things with you that I usually don't share with many people. To be honest not many people do know the whole story and that is because I don't really trust many people with this.

Everyone Has Been Hurt...Part 2


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Everyone Has Been Hurt ....Part 6


Stand Up!

One of the most undervalued blessings is God's will to make every individual a unique creation. It takes all kinds of people to do the great work of the Lord's kingdom, and it's a good thing that each of us has special talents, callings, and gifts to serve this purpose.

Getting Past Those Blah Days

Get It OutWhen something is bothering you, whether be a family problem or business roadblock, write it down or talk to someone about it. Keeping problems inside only worsen with time.

Discover Your Passion

What are you passionate about? We didn't ask if you are passionate. But what are you passionate about? What stirs your emotions? What is it you can't stop talking about whenever someone asks: "What are you passionate about?" What's the fire in your belly? What really turns you on? What do you love doing most?What is it that you love doing so much that you forget time? You forget others.

Patience - The Antidote for Stress

Why is it so difficult to hold steadfast to a commitment to the very thing we desire? I'm sure you've had the experience of challenging your client with something to do, or to be, in service of moving them closer to their heart's desire. As you reconvene again and again, you note that the client can't seem to stay committed to the steps that will realize their dreams.

What If?

What If? What if I can't? What If I can? What I should be thinking Is it in God's plan?What if I couldn't? What if I could? Then I start to wonder If I really should?What if I wouldn't? What if I would? What would I do, If others really understood?What if, I am beautiful, Just as I am. That a scale means nothing, When talking to a human.

Five Reasons To Journal

Keeping a journal during the coaching process is one of the most simple and effective aids a client can use. Below you will find five reasons why I encourage my clients to use a journal during their coaching time.

Blasting Out of the Shadows: The Power of Your True Voice

First, let me share a quote from Ashlee Simpson's latest hit, "Shadow". Yes, I really am quoting Ashlee Simpson.

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