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Forgotten Dreams: At the End... Part I

Treasures of a lifetime..

Lessons about Life in an Unexpected Place

Did you ever receive a gift in an unexpected place?I did, when I went to McDonald's recently. My order was mistakenly placed as a Child's Happy Meal.

Have You Voted Today

Huh? You're probably wondering when this article was written, and probably thinking that this article is about a recent election. Well, it is and, it isn't.

Life Lessons I Learned from My Cat

Even if you are not a cat person, bear with me, as this story goes far beyond cat mania. Our little tabby cat was frightened and highly-sensitive from the day we rescued her from the SPCA, two and a half years ago.

Anything That's Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Poorly

Yes you got it. You read it correctly.

Keep On Believing

It has been said that a man is what he eats. Someone else said that a man is what he reads.

Wow a Butterfly!

Okay, I am sure that you clicked on this title out of curiosity. Wow a butterfly; what would a butterfly have to do with self help content? And you are right.

The Meaning of Life - Not Just Another Dust in the Wind Theory

I grew up in the south in the 1960's. Married when I was 18 and joined the Army when I was 23.

Trust Yourself - The Hero's Way!

Buying a VCR may not seem like a noteworthy purchase in a high-tech world yet it proved to be a worthy blessing offering much learning. Boxes filled with VHS recordings were unearthed from dark recesses where they had hidden for over a decade.

Thoughts on Loving

Loving. It seems like such a simple concept.

The Amazing Power of the Human Will

The human will is the most incredible thing. I believe it is the human will that keeps us going, when everyone else expects us to sit, or even quit.

Do You Have a Vision?

You must absolutely have a vision, or a dream, for your life. Your dream is what will cause you to jump out of bed in the morning instead of waking up with anxiety or dread for the day ahead.

Everybody is Somebody

I wrote about my life and all that I have had to go through. I also ended that story with a little bit about how my life has since changed, but I want to take it further.

Top Ten Ways to Retire Retirement

1. Retire the word "retirement" from your vocabulary.

Naomi and the 5 Life Lessons

Not long ago, I attended a seminar that featured Naomi Judd, half of the legendary country music duo, The Judds. Naomi, with her talented daughter, Wynonna, set the standard for country music by selling millions of albums, performing to 'sold out' audiences, and winning numerous awards.

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