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Beyond the River: Kabbalahs Guidance for Our Times

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move ourselves in the opposite direction.

Succeed by Whistling While You Work

Mark Twain (1835-1910) believed that having fun is important if you want to be successful."The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.

Blessings for the Soul

In Corrogue I count my Blessings.These are numerous.

Spiritual Bread Making

All the ingredients to make 12 loaves of bread already exist. The probability that any kind of bread already exists in your reality and it is simply is a matter of combining ingredients to create a possibility.

You Are The One, There is No One Else

At the time I created my web site, I was looking for that one special person that would read something on my site or in my books or articles and become inspired. I was thinking it would move them forward to write or do something really great that would raise peoples consciousness and bring awareness into their lives.

A Perfect World in the Making

The world is perfect the way it is. The world is a reflection of the thoughts of its inhabitants.

Living on Purpose: One Rock at a Time

I just got back from Colorado where I spent a week relaxing, re-energizing and revisiting the key values in my life. The lodge where I stayed is called Peaceful Valley, and it has a chapel on the premises.

Favorite Quotations... What Do They Say About Us?

Have you stopped to think what your favorite quotes are saying about you and your life experiences?How you relate to them? How they relate to you?Today..

Believe in Yourself!

A near middle-aged man in one of my last workshops had followed his calling for the past decade with unbounded zeal. Alas, his career had never developed into long-term employment but rather, was fraught with numerous set-backs, lay-offs and even dismissals.

The Tiniest of Gladiators

I stared into those biggest of navy blue eyes and felt the power of his fighting spirit, despite the pain and week long raging fever. Most of the time my heart was in my throat and my mind was awash with counter-productive thoughts like, "why him?" and "this isn't fair!"This wasn't helping him to be sure (my daughter was much stronger than I), but in spite, he not only survived the arduous ordeal, but he emerged the victor!I am talking about my infant grandson, Corbin Nicolas, clobbered with a serious infection of the lymph glands.

Letting Go Of Perfection

"The power of discovery enables us to achieve excellence without having to be "perfect.'"- Thomas Crum, The Magic of ConflictI arrived at the conference center ready to present my workshop.

A Time To Awake

What has become of your fondest dreams?If you were guaranteed success, what would dare to attempt?We all have dreams, deep inside?those moments when we take a voyage in our imagination, into a world where everything was possible. A world where fear is a strange concept, limits are non-existent and we are at peace with ourselves.

The Meaning of Life

Life ?..

How to Use the Ebb and Flow of Life to Your Advantage

Are you overwhelmed with so many activities you don't know where to start?Are you always in a hurry but seem to get nowhere?Do you find yourself in a state of perpetual over-drive?Do you constantly feel tired?Perhaps it's time to take inventory of your life.But how?Here is an excerpt written in the early 1900's by an author who has very wise words about this modern day problem.

I Dare You To Be Successful

Just imagine how it would feel to be successful..

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