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The Priceless Gift of a Knee-High Smile

She was just over knee-high standing next to me in the checkout line. I first saw her eyeing a display of candy as she followed her mother and brothers through the store.

Escape into Reality and Find Love

The early months of this year brought major challenges, as well as blessings, for many folks. They certainly brought many unique challenges and blessings for me.

Lessons Learned Hard

Many of us seek consolation in the words of Frank Sinatra, "I did it my way." I say many of us because I feel this trap has snared more than just me.

Have You Ever Felt GOD in You?

God is the primordial Creative Force that is believed to have created each atom that we see around us. When you sit and muse, have you ever heard a voice inside you talking to you? That is the voice that is in you, whom you may also call GOD.

Pay It Forward

My friend Hugh Jeffries died. He was a wealthy man.

Discover How To Make The Success Generating Imagination Work For You

The secret power of positive thinkers is their faith. And this faith is the power of God working through their imagination.

Humble Riches

"We come equipped with everything we need to experience a powerful life full of joy, incredible passion, and profound peace. The difficult part is giving ourselves permission to live it.

The Red Ribbon

Everyone wants a blue ribbon. Blue.

I Am?

?you are, he is, she is, they are? But you knew that already, didn't you? Or have you really stopped to think about it recently - or ever for that matter?Huh?I guess we need a little clarification on this. So?do this.

A Cat In The Hand Is Worth Two Birds In The Bush!

I bought this computer just over two years ago with my first venture into the world of credit cards. I'm a mature woman and have seen and done a lot in this world, but nothing could have prepared me for this.

Moral Obligation & Responsibility

Chances are you have seen some type of disturbance in your lifetime. Whether it was a bully picking on someone or a piece of trash on the ground, disturbances happen daily on several different levels.

What To Do When You Dont Know What To Do

It is often difficult to know exactly what to do. This is especially true when you decide to stop being a creature of habit and circumstance and decide instead to live a life of purpose and meaning.

The Final Frontier

When all that you have done has not brought you what you truly desire, isn't it about time to move out of the box ask questions and make changes?What would you think if you went to your doctor and he hit you over the head with a rubber hammer to knock you out before some minor surgery? Does the horse and buggy now serve you to take you to work each day? Would you settle for going down town to the telegraph office, to have a message sent to your aunt across the country? Could you possibly get along without your cel phone, fax machine or microwave oven?The answer is "of course not." We have evolved and our world is moving much too quickly to rely on out dated technology to serve us.

How To Develop A Grateful Mind (The Best Medicine)

There is one sure fire medicine that cures all difficulty and opens the way for your greatest good. It allows you to sleep well at night, wake up refreshed and filled with enthusiasm.

The Power of Gratitude

When my older son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, my first reaction was relief - I finally knew the reason for his behavior. However, I was also overwhelmed with sadness, fear and anger.

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