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Why Does it Take So Long to Slow Down

Why do we wait so long, before we start thinking about whom and what we are? Why does it take a lifetime of living and struggling before we begin a meaningful search for our truth? I don't believe that is necessary.I began my conscious journey to enlightenment when I was around 50 years of age.

Martial Arts CHARACTER And the Universal Law of Interdependence - The Keys to Life Mastery, Key #2

In the philosophical teachings which form the foundation for the Ninja Warrior's lifeways, there is a principle known as the 'law of interdependence.' This so-called 'law' is not a must-do rule which one must follow, nor is it to be confused with dependence or co-dependence as it is seen today where one or more individuals who cannot or choose not to provide for themselves, lean on and 'depend' on the work and resources of another for the fulfillment of their needs.

Michael Vick is Average

Michael Vick can do wonders on a football field, but don't think of him as an anomaly. He is just like you and me.

How Healing The Past Empowers Your Future

Everyday I meet people who have a chronic upset that runs their lives, and I notice that they are not even aware of it. Often the pain has become buried in their unconscious; or if they are aware of it, they choose to deny any power to combat it.

The Author Within You!

I always had an active imagination when I was young. I hated school, and would pass the time away day- dreaming about things I should not even have known about at such a young age.

Encouraging Blossoms of Achievement

The tiny dogwood sapling was only a twig when my mother planted it years ago. At age four, with a red wagon and bucket, I was happy to carry water to anything that grew, even to the full grown flowering apple trees in my grandfather's orchard.

The Importance of Friendship

My students and clients have constantly heard me stress that our Martial Art is more than just a physical discipline; that it is a discipline that develops both the mind and body. This is so important that Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, the grand master of our lineages, has made it the primary thrust of just about every one of his books about Ninpo and Martial Arts in general.

Super Powers

It is fun to watch movies of those with super powers. It sparks the imagination to watch their feats of great strength, lightening speed and great leaping ability.

Its About That Time

As we've reached the half way point of the year I'm thinking this might be a good time to pull up and evaluate things. Look back over the first 6 months, and look ahead to the upcoming days and months.

I Dont Like This

You always do this wrong, how many times would I have to tell as to how to do the thing right, don't you understand to what I say, I am talking to you, are you listening to what I am saying. It would have been much better if I would have done that myself.

Looking for a Better World - What Every Person Can Do!

Each night, when I put my head on the pillow and turn my thoughts to things ethereal, I am hopeful that the world is a little better place than when I awoke that morning. I hope that the dissidents, extremists, murderers, plunderers, bigots, philanderers, cheaters, molesters and others of mean-spirit find that their chosen path is not a beneficial avenue.

The Pledge

You know kids, one of the things I've learned by letting more people know what's going on inside my head is that once you do people expect you to live up to what you've put out there. I've sort of learned on the fly here that using this knowledge as a burr under the saddle that is my life accelerates my growth.

Information -- Schminformation, Enough Already!

We are drowning in it, our grey matter is swollen with it, half the time when we need a piece of it and we know it is "in there" somewhere, we can't access it because the poor Grey Matter Computer is so jammed it takes forever to search for the file and then it's usually "just lost" or was mistakenly deleted. And that's just our brains.

What Company Does Your Business Keep?

A man is known by the company he keeps. We have heard that phrase so many times.

Lewis And Clark Pay Attention

As I write this Southern California has just ended its second week of triple digit temperatures. The intense heat changes the way we live and alters the rhythm of our days.

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