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Look Out Any Window

Over my extended Thanksgiving weekend I took some time to look through my telescope at the moon. I saw the full moon rising in the east- northeast and thought it would be a good night for a look, so I set up my Meade reflecting telescope in the kitchen and aimed it toward the window.

Attitudes - The Overlooked Inventory

It goes without question that any business intending to thrive will, sooner or later, be forced into making an honest inventory of assets and liabilities. Yet, whether from a business perspective, or in the going concern of a single human life, we often lose track of our most vital product, our own attitudes.

The Most Important Investment You Can Make For Your Old Age - And No, Its Not Money!

When I was twenty-two, I was befriended by a woman named Doris who was thirty years older than I was. Although Doris was then a fifty-two year old woman, she did not feel it was inappropriate to befriend me.

Head First

I stepped up to the edge and looked down. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath.

Crossing The Line Of Fear

Oh, this is a great topic! I remember when I was younger and in school, fear stopped me from asking out a girl I wanted to date. I can remember all the thoughts of different things I wanted to say and how I would ask her out.

Why Be Great?

Have you ever thought of what it would take to make you "truly great" at what you do?Look around you at your employees and co-workers and ask yourself whether or not any of them are "truly great" at what they do. No doubt some of them really excel at their jobs and at life, while others just seem to get by.

A Faux Pas Is A Mistake In A Tuxedo

Everyone who is anybody has a hobby or at least entertains the idea. Hobbies range from sports to crafts to reading and even traveling.

Fail Your Way To The Top

Have you had a challenging day or week? Feel a little tired or discouraged with a current situation? Ready to throw in the towel and quit something?Don't worry. It's very normal to go through times of feeling that something in life stinks and all there is to see and feel is the current mess.

The Secret Of Lasting Personal Change

Why do so many of us end up frustrated when we try to improve our personal reality?Why do diets end up in gained weight?Why do some people fail again and again at business?Why do others get into one bad relationship after another - in spite of their deep desire for a "good" relationship?Obviously no one *wishes* to fail in their personal or business life. Yet this is an all-too-common problemLet's face it! We want and deserve to make our lives a better place to be!We want and deserve success! We want a sense of security! We want a good relationship with ourselves and others.

Breaking Through Uncertainty - Welcoming Advertisty

We all question our ability at times. Uncertainty plagues us.

What Is Your Real Worth?

Consider this. If it is possible to quote you as a person on the Stock Exchange, what would be your real worth?Have you ever, in your wildest imagination thought that one day, it might just be possible to quote professional men and women, on the Stock Exchange? Never, you say.

Go Where No Man Or Woman Has Gone Before

"It`s life Jim but not as we know it." -SpockIn Corrogue there is a starry, starry night.

Planning for the Unexpected

Unfortunately, most people fail to plan until it is too late. History tells us that for centuries humans have been witness to tragedies, and often times have been the victim of them.

A Lifetime In Love

We let ourselves love but are afraid to say I love you. We constantly allow our emotions to run deep but why do we hold back on our sweet sensations and tingling feelings?Sometimes although it hurts so bad we cry out for more.

World Kindness Day

Once upon a time, in ancient India, a beggar favored a certain foot of land in a village square. He wanted to be rich, but he only knew dire poverty.

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