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Charge Your Imagination (3)

As we progress into the year, it is necessary for professionals to really put their Imagination to work as they plot strategies for business excellence this year. To help them do a good job, IMAGINATION (as a person) started an inspirational message on Vision 2030.

How A Sense Of Wonder Makes Life Richer

It always amazes me when I meet someone who has a disdain for expansion of knowledge.The other day, over lunch, I was arguing with a girl about a principle of abundance.

Powerful Caretakers - Taking Good Care of Ourselves First

Our community consists of powerful caretakers. We do a great job of assisting and loving those around us.

How To Turn Your Life Around FAST!

There is nothing more important than feeling good.Come again? Didn't I just tell you how bad everything is!When you feel good you raise your vibrations.

A Word Fitly Spoken ~ Believe

A Word Fitly SpokenA word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11Under All that We Think, Lives All We Believe, Like the Ultimate Veil of Our Spirits.

The Eyes of the Clown

There are few enough miracles in life, God knows. I think perhaps the circus is one of them.

Are YOU Ready for Bonza Bottler Day?

BONZA BOTTLER DAY is any day when the date and the month have the same number. Bonza, I'm told, means "excellent" or "really great" in Australian, and there's some suggestion that "bottler" means the same.

Your Turn On The Holodeck

Good morning Roy, good morning Joseth.Roy? You have in your world's history a wonderful example of what life is all about in the physical world and what it is that you are doing here.

The Minds Fancy Dress Party -Or- A Brainstorming Session

In Berlin a restaurant opens for anorexics and in Buffalo a lawyer with a stutter wins a court case. When everything you're working on has gone STALE and your own initially promising concepts are starting to annoy you, you need a brainstorming session to get to the missing bits or generate some new ideas.

Silence Inside

Silence means no voice input of any sort. What happens when there is silence? We cannot hear anything from the outside, but the voices inside are what we hear pretty clearly.

Anchors Away!

If we want to fill our heads with the doom and gloom society seems to thrive on, all we need to do is turn on the local news at night. To make that quantum leap toward personal happiness and success in life, sometimes we just need to do what so many people seem to be talking about lately: clean house and take personal inventory of the people we associate with most.

Launch Yourself Into Living

Memorial Day weekend, 2004, found my wife and I along with friends, relaxing in a nice camp setting in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We had a great time at the Hershey Factory Tour Experience, which included, among a dozen other attractions, an excellent 3D movie presentation which wasn't quite like a movie at all, but a true experience, complete with misters and blowers that would alternately sprinkle you with a fine spray of water or tickle your ankles with a subtle burst of air, in concert with events happening on screen.

Dont Ever Give Up

There is a reason I never gave up. A reason I never will give up my hope, my dreams, my desire to live.

Cool Children

It's funny how an acquaintance from the past just pops into your head sometimes. Usually the flashback is brought on by a phrase someone says, or a thought you have.

Songs of Life

I imagine when we die we find out how in-tune with our hearts we should have been. Not an easy thing to do with all our mere mortal vices getting in the way.

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