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Make Life Work: Repair the Relationship with Yourself

What areas of your life are working well? Career? Finances?Relationships? Health?When life works you enjoy fulfillment, happiness, and a sense of well being. "I know how to do this thing called life, and I'm doing it well.

Trusting Your Genius Within

Comments about New Theories in the Professions and Business!I recall reading an article in The New York Times which fascinated me entitled, "Geniuses, Crackpots and a Grand Unified Theory" by James Glanz. The article basically stated that even geniuses have some crackpot ideas! It was about one genius meeting with other geniuses expounding all types of incredible theories.

Discovering The Art of Bending Your Mindset And Manifesting Your Multiple Intelligences

Discovering the Art of Bending Your Mindset and Manifesting your Multiple Intelligences in selling.Doctor's cant' sell Real Estate! What's your mindset? A number of people related this statement to me when I first decided to get into sellingreal estate over 20 years ago.

There Must Be A Way Out!

He was pushing a cart containing crates of soft drinks and followed closely by his two little boys when their momentum was halted. Noticing the situation, I - who was on my way to see my printer's - stopped to see what would happen next.

Stay With It!

I walked out of his office inspired. All I could immediately recall were those soft-spoken words, "STAY WITH IT".

Imprisoned In Liberty?

Robert was so strong that I once saw him pick up and carry a refrigerator up stairs by himself. His strength plus his integrity landed him a job as a guard at a maximum-security correctional facility in a town called "Liberty.

As A Caterpillar

"Happiness can be as elusive as a fluttering butterlfy but as easily attainable as a crawling caterpillar. Put aside the net, and let it happen.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Anything that draws one away from the business of living and being worthy - such as drugs, alcohol, distractions of all descriptions, and sleep when the intent is oblivion, not to mention the idea of killing oneself - is a means of escaping, a little death, and death itself is the ultimate escape.Anything can be a means of avoiding problems.

Commitment To The Journey

I have been a business owner for about a minute. In fact, that would probably be quite generous if you compared me to the business moguls out here or anywhere for that matter.

Do You Feel Headed For Shipwreck?

The ocean liner Achille Lauro sailed perpetually under a dark cloud. In 1953 it collided with another ship.

Sixty-Second Caring

"How are you doing?" you ask. There's a pause before the reply.

The True and Magnificent Power of Giving

You've probably heard of the popular saying "It's better to give than to receive." But do you actually know what hidden power lies within this magnanimous act known as "giving?"When you give something from your heart without expecting anything in return, you release a powerful force that will trigger your good deed to "bounce" back to you in amazing, and sometimes unusual ways.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

There is a Chinese proverb that says, "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."This is certainly true.

Such Love Transforms

Everything was arranged: once the funeral was over, all were to go to Hephzibah's house for the after-funeral dinner. It was the way things were done in Nain, typical of the customs followed by citizens of the Jewish towns of the Galilee.

The Brilliant You, Unreleased!

You're a remarkable person. But, you knew that already.

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