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Top 10 Things That Make Life Worthwhile

Below are some of the things that, over the years, my clients have taught me about making life a wonderful adventure. You will, hopefully, have additions that uniquely enrich your life, and I hope you'll add them to this list and pass them along to others.

Are We There Yet?

In a recent disaster, a man was asked why he would keep searching for a loved one, even when he knew there was little hope of any survivors. He was told repeatedly, the chances of finding anyone still alive were very slim.

Who Is Wallace Wattles and Why Is He One of My Mentors and Heroes?

Who is Wallace Wattles? Wallace D. Wattles died over 90 years ago so how can he be one of my mentors and heroes?I had been studying the works of some of the most famous self-improvement 'gurus' of recent times and several of them mentioned the book 'The Science Of Getting Rich' as the starting point of their own success.

Tsunamis in the Bible?

I have always wondered how the Red Sea parted as described in the Exodus story of Moses.The recent Tsunamis that happened in West Sumatra and the tremendous destruction that came with it got me thinking - was this what really happened to the Egyptian army when they were pursuing the Hebrew people while they were led out of Egypt by Moses?On the internet, many eyewitness accounts can be obtained very fast.

Fear No Evil - How To Avoid Worry And Fear

"Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me."Do these words have meaning for you? Are you able to live them? Is your faith that strong? For most of us, the answer is probably no.

Personal Fear of Change and How to Change It!

It's interesting how we intellectually know that tomorrow will be different from yesterday, or even different from today. We know this based on experience.

Playing with Matches

Matches are all about power; a new world opens up when you strike a match and see it burst into flames.Most all children go through a period of fascination with matches.


This article was channelled through me by an entity called Joseth (My name for the creator)Good morning Roy, good morning JosethRoy? Your world is going through a period of awakening with the advent of the Tsunami disaster. Global attention is now on relief measures for the survivors and relatives of those lost.

Something About Nothing

Buddhists study nothing because they have found that you must know nothing before you can know or create anything.I have devoted most of my time over the last five years in the study of the principals of manifesting.

The Most Famous Line I Never Wrote

There is one line that can dramatically impact your life and I want to share this quote with you but first let me explain..

Starting A New Disaster Relief Program

I believe that it is an amazing time in our history. Mankind is truly showing his/her capabilities, they are observable because all thoughts are brought into physical being as symbols of thought.

Stop Trying to be Perfect

In the moment of completing a thought or action, it becomes "perfect," within our ability to do it. Any process is perfect, in relationship to what it created.

The Essence Of Freedom

Life is too hard and too risky in the eyes of many. By contrast, others are such proponents of a virile existence, demanding great courage and giving great pride, that they are ready to leave the coziness of their home to scale Mount Everest and breast the elements for the sheer joy of conquering the summit.

How You Can Change Your Destiny

The outer conditions of a person's life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state. ~James Allen, As A Man ThinkethThe world you live in arises from the world within.

Opening the Heart and Exploring Beneath the Surface

Exploring beneath the surface of a reoccurring relationship issue can be tedious and scary. Seeing beyond a nagging health challenge to the 'deeper issue' requires courage, faith and trust.

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