There Must Be A Way Out!

He was pushing a cart containing crates of soft drinks and followed closely by his two little boys when their momentum was halted. Noticing the situation, I - who was on my way to see my printer's - stopped to see what would happen next. Before them stood this mud-filled pothole spanning the entire breadth of the road, providing, apparently, "a-no-way-out" situation for this bunch. His little boys turned to him with an anxious look that read; "Now we're stuck".

What came after startled me. After a brief moment of thoughtful stillness, I heard him -as if to answer- utter with passion, "But there must be a way out!" And in no time, a Good Samaritan showed up and helped him push the cart by a very narrow edge till the mud area was fully passed. Though part of it entered the mud, a way out was nonetheless found in the face of the barrier."How amazing life can be," I muttered to myself as I pondered over this inspiring drama. Reminding me once again of the validity of one of our oft-quoted maxims; "where there is a will there is a way".

It became obvious to my mind that 'our man' had resolved, from the outset, to make port with his cart. And by this very resolution scaled the barriers and secured his achievement. Little wonder John Foster's observation that, "when a firm and decisive spirit is recognized, it is curious to see how the space clears around a man and leave him room and freedom". This man was no joker trying to while away time with yet another activity or routine. No! This was a man with a will and where there is a will, no matter the obstacles, there will definitely come off a way.

It is said of America's good old General Grant that he never knew when he was beaten. When once told he was surrounded by the enemy he quietly replied, "Well, then we must cut our way out". What about Napoleon? who never believed in the word "impossible", save that it was only to be found in the dictionary of fools. When told that the Alps stood in the way of his armies, "there shall be no Alps", was his response. The result was the road across the Simplon.

No matter the challenges you face, remain determined that the thing can and shall be done and then you shall find a way. There will always be a way out. Just find it! And where you can't find one, MAKE ONE! Francis Bacon said, "A wise man will make more opportunities than he can find". The truth about life however is that God is so fair He can never leave a man bereft of possible measures or resources. The Apostle Paul puts it this way; "?seeing no apparent issue, but our way not entirely shut up" (2 Cor. 4:8 - Darby's translation) Now that's something to shout about.

When Mary Kay Ash, global cosmetologist found herself in a tight spot cum no-way-out situation that was about preventing the take off of her dream business, she uttered to all around; "I am convinced God will never allow a door to close if He hasn't already opened a window". Even in temptations and trials, scriptures tell us "God can be depended on. He will see to it that every temptation has a way out". (1 Corinthians 10:13)

All we need is the proper attitude to our straits and a firm will. "He who has a firm will moulds the world to himself", Goethe said. And Victor Hugo adds, "People do not lack strength, they lack will". The reason we often fail in the face of constraints is our lack of will and faith to believe our expectations are possible - prerequisites that can motivate us to find the way out.

Remember the story of the paralytic man that badly needed healing from Jesus in the book of Mark chapter 2. And how there was no way to enter the house where Jesus was preaching because of the crowd. What did his friends bearing him do? Surrender their efforts on the excuse that there was no way in? Certainly not!

Jesus was giving a message in the house and it was impossible to get near the doorway. These men on finding out it was impossible to get near him because of the crowd removed the tiles from the roof over Jesus' head and let down the paralytic's bed via the opening. Wow! I love this! Another version says; "they stripped the roof over the place where Jesus was, and when they had made an opening, they lowered the paralytic". Yet another translation says; "they dug through the clay roof above the head of Jesus". You see, it wasn't easy but they dug through. I call it the "breaking through" mentality. Not taking "No" for an answer.

This tells us that he who really wants to do something finds a way, he doesn't find an excuse. In life, dear friend, you've got to in Seneca's words; "determine that the thing shall and can be done and then we shall find a way". Here's my recipe for handling what you may call "No-way-out" situations. First, start out RESOLVED to make your destination regardless of any anticipated obstacles. Nothing can stand permanently in the way of a made up mind. Secondly, when you get to face these straits, be calm in the face of them; stay assured of a possibility in the offing.

Notice our cart pusher didn't become anxious, he paused for a moment to understand what exactly to do and help came. Paul had similar advice for youthful Timothy in crisis times. He said in 2 Tim 4:5; "But as for you, be always self-controlled". (Montgomery). Other helpful translations read;

"As for you always be steady (Revised Standard Version) "But amid it all, keep your head (Berkley's). "Whatever happens be self-possessed" "You must always be composed" (Good speed)

"Keep your mind sane and balanced" (Phillip's modern Translation).

Don't lose your head man! Stay in control. That's the way to go about it. Edison, the great inventor observed; "when you become quiet, it just dawns on you". What else dawns on you but the way forward; the way out. Listen to Bishop David Oyedepo; "As you sit down to quality meditation with a There-Must-Be-A-Way-Out attitude, you provoke the treasures on your inside to come forth". Friend, there's something inside you. The answer is within you- in your house, so to speak. The way out is never elusive or beyond our reach if we stay resolved and maintain our calm.

Here's Dr. Christopher Kolade's view; "I have discovered that whenever I have a problem and focus so much on it, it looks very big. But when I take a break, lean back and put it into proper perspective, it's no longer big after all. And I find inspiration for a way out". This is exactly what our cart pusher did. Imbibing, as well, into those two little boys one of life's most sublime culture for future use. I know someday those kids will recall Daddy's words and tell same to themselves and then rise to win for "THERE MUST ALWAYS BE A WAY OUT".

Ubong Essien is a leading motivational speaking professional, success coach, author, creative consultant and TV personality in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also the publisher of the Achiever's Manual, CEO of Inspiration Reources and author of 2 books - Dare to Dream and Succeed & The Gates'Way to Riches.

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