Spiritual Evolution: A Journey of Truth


We are born of the body and of the Spirit. The soul dies to one body of existence and is born unto another. Death, the illusion, carries no fear, as we die to the Holy of Holies daily, consciously and with exacting purpose. We, as Spirit-Humans, are in a perpetual state of transformation and transmutation. The Divine Self is a constant living expression of Universal wonders and ever-changing forms through evolutionary processes of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that ascend through eternity as a spiraling source of sacred consciousness.

In other words, we are alive and eternal through the sacred Will of G-d, The Creator; even unto death within this third dimensional reality. The Body Temple purifies unto ash and the Spirit ascends to the worlds beyond. There is no greater Truth and no higher freedom. This is, indeed, a peace that goes beyond understanding and is eternal.

Humanity's birthright on this earth is the process and progress toward the return to our most natural state, Spirit. The soul evolves through continual renewal and the promises of G-d are made manifest through the individual and collective soul(s) of humanity. This overlighting covenant cannot be broken. It is the birthright of all humanity without prejudice, emotional attachment or struggling mental gymnastics. The veil of unconsciousness and the 'trail of tears' due to unrealized, unfulfilled life purpose and spiritual vision may only hide this covenant. It cannot be distroyed.


The realities of human experience go far beyond the physical and yet most of the world identifies with what they see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Ask yourself as a discerning measure, "Am I a one dimensional being or a multi-dimensional being? " Then ask yourself, "Am I greater than the sum of my body or my emotions or of my brain?" If you answered in the affirmative to these questions, then continue by asking yourself this potent question, "Do I know my Mind and is Mind something different than the physical organ we call the brain?"

First of all, humanity must recognize through spiritual and scientific knowledge that each individual human is multi-dimensional as we 'live and breath and have our being' while simultaneously working within and between many levels of consciousness. This is the Transcendent Mind. The Transcendent Mind Consciousness is G-d Consciousness. As Humanity penetrates what is known as the 'cloud of knowable things' in the Acient Wisdom Teachings, we gain the mystical understanding of life.

It is this understanding that we begin to consciously connect with the Source of all life-giving creation. We begin the cognizant journey of our birthright through a purification process as we meet the joys and challenges that arise out of the healing alignment between Spirit and matter. What a wondrous and inspiring spiritual pilgrimage as we begin to consiously understand the covenant of our birthright and the purpose of our lives on earth in this dynamic and critical time in Humanity's evolution.

Let us seek the probabilities of distinguishing the human brain from the ever transcending and ascending Spirit-Mind. The brain is a physical organ that serves the Human Being in experiencing the mortal physical, emotional and mental levels of third dimensional life-form. The brain is a functional instrument of multiple voluntary and involuntary processes. It can be analogized to a computer. The brain stores information, calculates, objectifies, formulates responses or reactions and is the hard-drive that seeks pleasure, fears pain and discomfort as it calculates the fruition of life experiences born of the soul.

The Transcendent Mind or the "non-local mind," is a separate yet inclusive entity known as the Creative Life Force. "Non-local mind" is pure consciousness, unqualified and full of potentiality. It works directly in conjunction with the physical processes of the brain, yet it is not the brain. The creative force, the "Transcendent Mind, is the blue-print of perfection that permeates the life-giving power of G-d, the Creator of All life and defines the omnipresent Divinity as the Light of our purest nature. This Light in all its beauty and glory is synonymous with the Mind, the Creative Source, the consciousness of G-d within Humanity.


All of nature, which includes sanctified Human, is the reflection of the Divine Presence. As the sanctified Human, we encounter, ponder and explore through the limitless Mind. What we begin to perceive with greater clarity is illuminated Knowledge that activates Spiritual Wisdom and Purifies all illusion. Living a life full of illusions separate us from the wedded Truth that all of life is connected and all of life is One with the Creator.

Is life a mystery or is it a remembering? Is it both? Is it neither? Can these mysteries be taught or must humanity experience the mystical to actually know the sacred? Are we receiving from the Mind in full clarity or are the experiences of life, the woundedness we carry, the fear that paralyzes and the doubt that falls prey to what I call our Brain Filter, leave all humanity in chaos and confusion?

The Brain Filter responds through the conscious and unconscious self-created life experiences that seem to loom so forebodingly across our lives and yet, in truth, we create experiences to learn, to expand and to reunite with Onesness. Our Brain Filters edge out the subtle yet greater power of the Mind and we find ourselves lost in a maze of confusion, illusion and living desperate lives without direction, purpose or prayer.

We are creative consciousness utilizing the brain as a tool for the Mind as we display both the positive and negative, depending upon our direct focus, concentration and either disciplined or chaotic thoughts, feelings and actions. We are G-d Consciousness. We are the reflective Light in H/Her image. We are Co-Creators through the free-will gift of the sacred Trinity of G-d, The Creator, G-d in Man, and G--d, The Holy Spirit.

The communion experience of the Trinity is Humanity's birthright. It is the responsibility (ability to respond) of all humanity, as we become aware, regardless of religion, spiritual practice, race, creed or colour to esteem the Trinity through the Oneness of this communion. The Triune Communion reflects the inclusiveness of G-d, Man and Spirit; the blessed fruit of 'The Tree of Life.' Seeking the powerful discharge of its scholarship within the hearts and minds of all beloved seekers is the method of esteem revealed.

Let us open our Spirit-Human senses to the world of regenerative life. Let us open our hearts to the profound awareness that we are more than mere flesh. 'We are the soul...' May we encounter consciously the mystical Mind. May we remember the covenant of the soul; the trinity of Truth that belays any and all separation that the "local mind," even in the attempts of the brain and the brain filter to convince us through third dimensional illusion, that it is real. The "non-local mind" is the expanded cosmic mind-space where the soul knows that the dimensions of life are limitless, boundless and eternal. The soul is forever seeking, transforming and transmuting for realignment with the wholeness of G-d. It is the integration of the Human-Soul with the Holiness of Spirit that instantaneously unveils and reveals the Truth of Life in the hearts and minds of uncommon thinking humanity.

To live a lifetime without the exploration of the Mind is to live in constant fear, as the brain is limited in its capabilities and yet functionally profound. Nevertheless, to live solely. in one dimensional brain is to waste the essence of Truth of who you are. You are Divine. You are Spirit-Human. You hold undeniable spiritual purpose and fusion. You are in consecrated process and at the same time in ultimate Perfection throughout eternity. The microcosmic human demonstrates its life giving potential in h/wholeness of the macrocosmic heavenly body. Identifying singularly with the physical and not recognizing the bounty of humanity's birthright as Divine, "human universalis," as coined by Barbara Marx Hubbard, is dismissing the value of life. In so doing, we create a life veiled from the Truth. It is the joy-filled discipline (discipleship) and conscious free-will (knowledge in action) to either remain veiled or to remove the illusion of separateness. We achieve this with love, gentleness, patience and compassion for our Humanity.

How else are we to remember the Sacred Self and live a life fulfilled in its Perfection? Socrates has taught through the ages to "know thyself." To deny the humanity within yourself is to deny the birthright of Spirit and to disown the very wholeness in which you strive to know. Acknowledge (act with knowledge) and "know thyself" as Spirit-Human; as eternal Mind and BeCome the BeLoved on earth as you are heavenly perfected, from above.


Are you ash upon the earth or are you conscious cosmic Mind that lives eternal? The cycle of life awaits human awakening and transforms the most sincere atheist or doomsday fatalist into an ever budding lotus of creative Love and Inspiration; a Co-Creator with G-d. Is it the illusion of fear that we hold onto so convincingly when all the spiritual and scientific knowledge of contemporary and ancient society suggests consistently what the Holy Texts of the World Religions and spiritual practices teach, that life is everlasting; that the temple or physical body breaks down and turns to ash, yet Spirit lives.. It is the essence of humanities evolutionary process from one century to the next, from one life to the next.

"There is no beginning and there is no end." This is the W/Holy Truth of Eternal Life. Why is this so difficult to accept, to know and to reveal in every day life experiences? Why is this? "...to those who are given, much is expected..." Is it the responsibility that holds us back? Is it a sense of worthlessness and fear of failure?

Do we look upon higher Mind as a burdening responsibility that we fear? What is it? We cannot be in-Love and in-fear, simultaneously, therefore one or the other must be an illusion and one or the other must be Living Truth. We each must individually answer these questions as the Truth, unveiled, will be unique to our G-d given individuality, soul experience, life expression, emotional esprit de corp and mindful agility.

Free will, itself, is a responsibility so many of us try to escape living openly and consciously. It seems too easy to blame others for the choices we make. The innate power of balance or imbalance that is offered to us through this potentially benevolent treasure of free will, cannot be ignored. Denial of this tremendous freedom is to create disruption and chaos; ignorance and fear. Ultimately, there is nowhere to hide. The consequences of every thought, feeling and action perpetuate the basic nature of free will. There are always consequences to our free will. Free will and the empowered responsibility we face require courage. When we face ourselves and accept the responsibilities of our life's creations, the seeking of our wholeness can no longer result in betrayal, no matter how hard we try. Wholeness cannot be embraced until we learn to understand and nurture the heavenly gift of free will. The bounty of spiritual empowerment received through accepting the personal freedom of free will becomes a sacred responsibility toward a renewed intimacy with all that is Holy. The Wholeness of the Universe awaits our coming. The remembrance of the Holy of Holies, recognizes Itself in the wholeness of the "All That Is." We are that h/wholeness. Remember the Trinity.

The Christian Bible shares that faith and belief in G-d is necessary to propel h/himself into eternal life. Faith and belief are essential keys to the heavens. It is a part of the wholeness in which we urgently seek, whether consciously or unconsciously, Yet, it is only the base steps on the majestic mountain we are climbing. Faith and unquestioning belief are merely embryonic steps on the path of spiritual knowledge and should not be confused with the end-all of Christian responsibility. Do not misunderstand my words, I am not suggesting that humanity is to follow one decidedly correct religion or faith and that one separate and particular congregation of people have the singular right-knowledge of G-d. It has been the impulse of humanity's lower nature from the genesis of the Christian Church to gain power and control with an elitist and fear-ridden agenda. Look at the breakout denominations and sects within the Christian Church and throughout all major religions. Learn to recognize man's ego structure that denies, defies and denounces the Human Spirit.. Learn for yourself where deceit lies and with love and compassion, transform and transmute this ego driven insanity into the well of spiritual alignment.


Whether you are called to the Christian Faith, Buddhist Faith, Jewish Faith, the Islamic Faith or any other religious or spiritual faith, G-d lives. Seek the knowledge within them all and discover for yourselves the fragrance of heavenly Light that weaves Truth in all Holy Texts of the World. You need not be a scholar nor do you need to study World Religions in depth, if this is not your calling.

Yet, a basic knowledge of the major religions and spiritual practices of the world will unify all people as G-d teaches the same wisdom throughout all major non-violent religious documents as well as the mystical experiences that shake up our world of conscious realities. The language may be different. The symbology may appear different, however, the essence remains consistently the same. The sum and substance of G-d speaks to Hearts and Minds without separation of race, creed or colour. We are of One race, the Human Race and it is to this remembrance that peace, compassion and eternal vitality thrives.

Reveal yourself, oh, Spirit-Human. Follow your Heart as it is aligned with consecrated Mind. Do not follow mindlessly and certainly do not follow another human, no matter how seemingly knowledgeable, competent or charismatic a presence. Meet your own powerful Presence. You will then 'know thyself' as knowledgeable, competent and charismatic. These are qualities of The Christ that live within you. Hone those qualities. Tune yourself to the vibrational frequencies that will lead the way toward world service. These qualities already exist. Unveil them. Develop them. Seek knowledge, wisdom and Truth within your own Holy Being and the intimacy of experiencing your blessed Self will build a foundation in which to be sanctified through Universal Christhood. Boldly go where few have tread and serve humanity with high consciousness through your beloved indwelling Spirit. The thread of Universal Spiritual Truth will be discovered when you allow for the expansion of knowledge through conscious willingness to explore, investigate, and question the grand covenant of G-d's promise, "...ask and you shall receive." Don't be afraid. Challenge the sacred promises of G-d within your Mind and throughout all religious texts. Ask with conviction and expectation. As you receive each piece of the mystical and scholarly puzzle, you will discover that each question and response requires another question and then another and another. Thus, the evolution of our Mind's awareness transcends level upon level of revelatory knowledge as we seek the h/wholeness of life within the Spirit of consecrated reality.


How many religious sects throughout the world have bellowed throughout the ages of their righteousness in holding 'The Truth?' How many 'followers' have merely become sleepy sheep without thinking Minds of their own? Remember to be lukewarm is to be spiritu desolate and unfulfilled. It is better to be proactively and provocatively ignorant than to live without passion for Truth, whether we are able to hold it but for a moment and live it but for an instant. Discover your passions. Re-flame your inspirations. Question life and in so doing, you are no longer milk toast, aimlessly following what you do not "know" yet have blindly accepted.

If you are bored with life, you have lost your fire. The essence of your Spirit is not openly expressing Itself. You are Spirit. Rediscover your passions and your inspirations. Let your Mind Light the way. Imagine, Create, Inspire and Serve. These are the four major keys to the expansion of the Mind; your G-d Consciousness in action.

The Mind is a sacred place to live. The journey is a fountain of inspiration. There is no burden in creative service that pulsates through life-giving Spirit. There is no oppression as we freely take 'the yoke of The Christ' and seek to express this wondrous union with all life. When Master Jesus urges humanity to 'take the yoke of The Christ upon us,' He is not asking us to take on a weighty load upon our shoulders to grudgingly carry throughout eternity. He is teaching humanity to accept a conscious union with G-d in service to the Light. Jesus teaches over and over again, "I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD." This is our birthright. Know yourself as 'the Light of the World' and know the lightness of true freedom.

The wisdom within the teachings of Master Jesus is asking all of Humanity to recognize, remember and respond to our Divine Birthright and become the Masters of Light; the spiritual leaders of the 21st Century. We are eternal Mind. May we each take upon us the liberating yoke of Life, whatever religious faith and spiritual practice(s) we cherish as our expression to the world. We are a "...point of Light within the Mind of God..." Take up the Cross of Ascension while laying to rest the Cross of Crucifiction and be Born to the Light of your Sacred Self. Embrace your birthright and BeCome the BeLoved.

Author Unknown

From the point of Light
within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into
the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love
within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men--
The purpose which the Masters know and

From the centre which we
call the race of men
let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love
and Power
restore the Plan on Earth.

July 1999 Copyright: A. James Hillelson; All Rights Reserved Contact Ultimate Living Transformations at ajh7223@juno.com for Copyright Approval

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