The Beauty of Life

"An unexamined life is not worth living."-- Socrates

I have just finished reading a most astounding statement from A.H. Almaas's book Spacecruiser Inquiry. In this book, which discusses the concept of open inquiry as an optimal way to get in touch with your true being, he gives a beautiful description of the beauty of life. The simplicty and beauty of this sentence struck me hard! He says, "The beauty of life is that it can be a continuous opening to the full range of experience and richness possible for the human being."

This was an extremely beautiful quote and had a very true ring to it. Life CAN be lived to be a continuous opening to the full range of experience and richness possible for the human being. In life you can find out what you're capable of doing; to continually explore, and then act on the discovery of that exploration to create more experiences to learn and grow even more. You can learn to become more flexible. You can start to experiment with your range; what you are capable of doing with your life. What you choose to do can be below the range of what you can do, but that is your choice; not a limitation that you are unaware of.

The important distinction is that you become aware of your full range of possibilities and then choose which possibility you want to act on rather than being limited because you are unaware of what you can do. Life offers us this chance to continually open up and become more aware of the powers that are residing within us. Are you using the change for this kind of growing that life offers? Or have you stopped inquiring and accepted the limited position which tells you that you can't grow further? What you believe will determine what you do about exploring your true being and capabilities. What will you believe?

Sukhbir is the Founder and Seminar Leader for LifeApps! Personal Development International, a personal development company dealing in exploring and expanding true human potential. Unlike other personal development companies, LifeApps! is not here to add things to people's lives. Rather we are here to help people release the brakes that are holding their greatness within themselves and unleash it.

Sukhbir is also the developer of LifeApps!'s main seminar, the Create Your Purpose Weekend which helps people to have greater clarity into the authentic purpose of their lives.

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