He Who Laughs...Lasts---Where Has All The Laughter Gone?

I love to watch people at airports, malls and even at our church. I wonder, what got them here? What attracted those two people to be together at this time? What makes that one tick or that one over there work so hard? And sadly, I wonder where has all the laughter gone?

Studies show that children laugh approximately 400 times per day while adults laugh as little as 15 times a day. Studies also show that laughter helps lower blood pressure, strengthens immune systems, and helps lower stress hormones. There are no known studies of negative side effects to laughter. No wonder we have a health crisis on our hands. But, my question is, "What does it do to the Spirit?"

I may be wrong here in my observation, but it seems that Christians are the unhappiest of them all. Mad at God, life and the dog it seems. At the very least are not accustomed to wearing a smile. Dave Stone talked last week in his sermon that based upon what we are taught about eternity and what it will bring us, believers should be the happiest people on earth. Can you remember the last time you laughed so hard your stomach ached and you just couldn't stop? Can you remember when you even laughed at all?

I consider myself to be a happier person than most. I have endured many hardships in life whether of my own demise or just life. I chose to pull myself each time back up from the gutter. Mostly, because God has blessed me with a gift of encouragement, discernment and the ability to motive myself and others. Here are five suggestions I have for making your life filled with more laughter and happiness in a negative world.

Watching TV less or not at all. TV is a meaningless habit of filling your brain with tons of negative information. Read a book or start a "creative" hobby instead. Be very selective on who you spend quality time with outside your family. Whether you realize it or not certain people can bring you down, we do become like those we hang around. Join an ABF class or an activity at the center. Force yourself to get out of your boat of daily habits. We tend to go to work the same way, eat the same foods, park in the same parking lot at church, and sit in the same section to. Try new things you'll be surprised how it will affect you.

Have a career not a job. Do something you love to do in life for money. You may say, this is not my choice or easier said than done, but I disagree. I get paid a good living motivating people to exercise. How silly is that? I created my career for me, you can to. I laugh everyday going to work because I love what I do so much. You can start today by asking God for help.

The last one, yet most important of them all that will bring more peace and laughter to your life is; Turn the "control" of your daily life over to Jesus Christ. We put all the pressures of life on ourselves and for what. Jesus died for us and bore all our burdens. As believers we should be the happiest people on earth. We don't have much time down here left make the best of it. Jesus Christ wants us to be happy and have laughter in our hearts. Studies will also show you that people live longer and healthier with great attitudes so remember, "He who laughs??.lasts!"

Father, Thank you so much for bearing all of our burdens for us by your death on the Cross. Help us father to be happier people. Encourage us to spend our time and efforts wisely and enjoyably while we are on this earth. Also Father we pray that you will give us peace and happiness during this up-coming holiday season. We pray this in your will and name. Amen

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