7 Strategies To Make Room For Money

Laws of the Attraction notwithstanding, there are several external ways that you can make room for more money in your life.

Yes, there are those of you who can manifest whatever you want, whenever you want. This article is for those of you who may need just a few extra tools.

First, it is vital to create a space that can be filled with what you really want.

Start by going through your closets. Remove every article of clothing, shoes, and purses you have not worn in at least a year.

How do you know what to get rid of?

Use the following as a guide:

1. Use your intuition. Trust it.
2. Ask yourself if you love it.
3. Does it fit?
4. Do you use it?
5. Do you need it?
6. What memories does it bring up?
7. Again, use your intuition.

Take all of these clothes, shoes and purses to your local resale store. You will start receiving money immediately.

Bonus feature: The space you have created will now be filled with what you really want. Be patient.

Second, go through every drawer in your home and remove

all the junk.

You know what junk is.

Plastic forks from takeout; rubber bands and plastic bags you are saving for some reason.

Men (and women!) go to the garage.

- How many screwdrivers do you really need?

- How many cans of old, unused paint are taking up space?

Clean out the garage and only put back in what you use.

Sell the rest at a garage sale or give to the Goodwill.

There, you have a tax credit as well as money.

Clean out your office desk. Throw away any document that is unnecessary.

I know, you are afraid you will throw something away you may need in the future.

Well, I understand.

This particular article you are reading was originally written in 1986. I did not throw it out. In 1986, I did not have a computer, so here we are. Boy, am I glad I saved this.

The information still holds up.

Okay, back on track.

Create as much order as possible in your home, garage and office. If you are a creative individual, this may be difficult as creative types are visual and like to see things. Make it work for you.

As you eliminate all this junk, you will start feeling a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and freedom.

If you do not have these feelings, you are not yet ready to make room for money I your life.

Your desire and your feelings must be in alignment

You may also have feelings of fear and doubt. Learn to trust yourself and allow the process to work for you.

Third, sit down and make a list of all the people you do not have a great relationship with.

This list includes people you have judged, blamed or criticized. This same list includes people who have judged blamed or criticized you!

Visualize each individual, and, as you do, forgive them.

Forgiveness is one of the most important tools for making money in your life. Generate appreciation towards these individuals in order to heal yourself.

Eliminate grudges. Grudges contract the body, mind and spirit. Release and let go. Step by step, expansion is on the way.

Fourth, pay your bills on time. It is very important to keep your money agreements, so pay your bills graciously. If you avoid paying certain obligations because you have insuffieienct funds, or are displeased with the service of someone whom you owe money, use visualization.

Bring these people into your mind's eye. Allow your body to experience negative feelings you may be holding on to. Breathe deeply and look at your resistance. Generate appreciation and love towards these vendors.

You certainly were grateful when you used the card, so bring back that gratitude!

Keep breathing until all discomfort is released; until you can visualize this person with little emotion or reaction.

If you do not currently have the money for a specific obligation, phone the vendor and explain the situation.

Remember, it is only temporary!

Even the U.S. government will negotiate.

Fifth, act as if you have all the money you want. Notice, I use the word 'want', as opposed to 'need'. You have all that you need. In order to attract what you want -- the Universal Law of Attraction says it is already there, but the rational mind sometimes butts in-- you must act as if you have all you want.

If you had all the money you wanted, what would you be doing for work, if anything? If you are not doing what you love, what brings you joy, money may appear as a slow leak, instead of a gusher.

Present as prosperous a picture as possible. That does not mean you have to spend money.

- Appropriate grooming is cheap.

- Smile more often.

- Indulge yourself with long luxurious baths.

- Create a candle light dinner, even if for one person.

- Look in the mirror and say, " Hey, I like you!."

These simple tools will help you feel and look better. The Universe will look at you and say, "Alright, you've got it! Let's give you a little more."

Sixth, give some money away. Give away what you want more of - it really works. Tithe clothing items in lieu of money if that feels better. Don't purchase anything new unless you eliminate one item form your home or office.

Give willingly and unconditionally, without expecting to receive anything in return.

Do it because you can.

Seven, call up your parents. Tell them you love all they have done for you. If you cannot get as far as the love word, express your appreciation. Let them know how you feel in a positive way. If your parents have passed on, write them a letter telling them about all the things and circumstances you appreciated them for but never had the chance to share.

They will see this letter, no matter where they are.

Remember, the Law of Attractions is powerful. It provides you with whatever you think about, both wanted and unwanted.

Let these seven strategies help you think more clearly about how to make room for money in your life.

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