Lance Armstrong an Inspiration

Lance Armstrong has already proven he is the greatest athlete ever in the present period. Many ask what drives a man to press on, where does such strength of character come from. How can so much dedication and commitment cause a man to persevere in all aspects of their life? Lance Armstrong is an inspiration to what we all as humans have in common. The level of human intent in our species is well documented and something every one of us possesses.

Whatever it is you choose in your life to pursue give it all you've got; it is the Lance Armstrong way. We are told by great leaders before us to never, ever, ever, ever give up. We are told to press on and we are well advised in the power of perseverance. These are great words of wisdom indeed, but there is no greater words than those backed by action. Lance Armstrong rides the talk and does so for all to see.

We as Americans loves our winners and achievers, you may wish to consider the winner in you. You see we all have the Lance Armstrong spirit to try the best in all we do, to do it right and to make it happen. Many Americans found a bond with the Rocky Story in the Movie. We also all find a bond with Lance Armstrong, a real life character, one we can support for his philanthropy and his victory over cancer. Once Lance Armstrong retires what will he do next? Many speculate, but one thing is definitely for sure, what ever it is; he will bring with him the skills we all have to make it happen. He will bring with him a hard history of beating the odds and of not quitting. Some believe he should be America's Ambassador to the World; I concur; Ambassador to Europe, Vice President of the United States, perhaps President or heading-up the United Nations.

Lance Armstrong knows no limits, he has nothing to prove now; so what drives him? Well, You and I are all driven by our passions and beliefs and truly there is nothing we cannot do; if we want it bad enough. My advice as a follower and studier of history and biographies of our ancestors and present day stand outs is to pick something you love, excel in, have an inner passion for and then GO FOR IT!

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