What If?

What If?
What if I can't?
What If I can?
What I should be thinking
Is it in God's plan?

What if I couldn't?
What if I could?
Then I start to wonder
If I really should?

What if I wouldn't?
What if I would?
What would I do,
If others really understood?

What if, I am beautiful,
Just as I am.
That a scale means nothing,
When talking to a human.

What if, I am worthy of love,
Just by being alive
What if,
I don't have to prove myself
Or feel ashamed to cry?

What if,
By some chance,
All my negative thoughts were wrong.
That I am free to sing and dance,
That I am not weak or strong.

What if, I did not make excuses,
I simply threw them out the door.
What if, I started getting honest,
and I started at my core.

What If?

When I am living in the present,
there is no reason for me to fear,
the what if's that surround me
and the negativity that is near.

When I am in the here and now
and take some time to breathe,
I realize that anything is possible,
as long as I believe.

Mary Pat finds blessings in every day to help her stay in the present moment and not let her Eating Disorder get the best of her.She has a Masters in Experiential Education and a BA in Religion. www.reflectingrace.com">http://www.reflectingrace.com


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