Money or Faith?

I've been to 64-countries, and yes money comes in handy, and goes quickly (and is useful and has its influence), I've had a ton of it at one time or another and an ounce of faith, and I'll take faith any day-why? I'll explain. Anybody who has been in a combated zone, under fire will tell you: '?keep the money, I need faith right now.' In a like manner, when I was in the hospital, had a stroke that paralyzed me, a heart attack also, and bypass surgery, they said I was a Fruitcake. But three days later I got out of bed, and when I did, for three weeks they called me "The miracle of the ward." Even the atheist doctors were spellbound. Money walked away, as faith took over.

There was a doctor standing at the end of my bed, for three days. I remember him as I'd wake up, look at him, look at the clock, it was 5:00 AM, couldn't dial a phone I was so bad. Then I fell back to sleep. And when I got better I asked who that doctor was. The nurse said, there was no doctor, he comes a noon and with two nurses. I thought about that for a moment, and said, "?no, it was a large man with a long white jacket, broad shoulders." She commented, "?have you seen him since?" And I had not. Then she told my doctor's name, and I checked out his picture and it wasn't him.

Seeing is believes, and I didn't make this up, nor am I responsible for the invisible world either; so I can't blame anyone, but facts are facts. Does a blind man believe there is a moon, I'd think so. All the doctors and medicine in the world did not bring me back to reality. Anyhow, the same goes for battle. I saw things in Vietnam that cannot be explained by the physical moon and sun beaming down on us; because it is not of this physical world: simple as that; and so much for that.

Most of the people that say God doesn't exist are simply expressing a cheap way out of acknowledging the obvious. I mean, who made the moon and sun; if by accident, it is the biggest accident in all creation. It is like me saying one day I woke up and there was New York City, all built to please my eyes. Now you know someone built it. Who?

Not having a heaven or hell is most convenient for a sinner, and then you can sin and not worry about it. Like Plato commented: most people would go next door and rape his neighbor's wife, knowing there is no consequence.

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