Victory is an Accomplishment

Did you ever watch a bird in flight? Especially ducks or geese as they take off from the water? The take off is not the soaring grace of flight; it is a struggle, an accomplishment to get the bird out of the water and into the air. The REAL victory of flight is not the feat of soaring on air currents to a final destination, once in flight the bird has relative ease from his struggles. The real victory is in getting past the struggles of starting, just getting out of the muck.

If you are asking how this relates to you - personally starting your business, well, I'll tell you. I've watched as people whom I felt were successful in life started new businesses. They all start out flapping their wings and running for thin air, only to find themselves knee deep in muck at the water's edge. They have all the same equipment as the ducks soaring on the air currents high in the sky, but they don't have what it takes to get out of the water. So, the question is, what does it really take to achieve victory?

You've got to get out of the muck!!! Leave the quagmire behind, walk on the water, lift your spirits and fly into the wild blue yonder. BUT, how?

Ø Step 1 - Look up! If you can see the clear blue sky above you the quagmire doesn't seem so safe. Set a goal, then look toward that goal, and set your sights there. Don't look back, keep your eye on the goal.

Ø Step 2 - Put everything you have into your goal! Give it your best shot, don't stop and don't slow down until you get where you want to be. Remember how hard and furious geese flap their wings to get out of the water. Don't stop until you've found victory and you are soaring in the wild blue yonder.

Ø Step 3 - Believe in your abilities. You are the only person who can get you out of the water. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in your either. Ducks and geese fly in a group, but each one flies for himself. No other goose will do the work for a lazy or disabled goose; each one has to flap his own wings. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Ø Step 4 - Have Faith. When geese take off for warmer country, many of them have never been there before; they have faith in their instincts and follow them. There is no roadmap of assurance to get geese from Canada to South Carolina; they have to fly on faith that South Carolina will be warmer than Canada. Have faith, fly into the wild blue yonder and fulfill your dreams.

Ø Step 5 - Have a plan. Geese fly south for the winter and north for the summer. Get a plan and stick with it. Remember that some things change with the seasons and plan accordingly.

Ø Step 6 - Create a support network. Geese fly in a group and almost never alone. This offers protection and company for the trip. It's always nice to have friends along the way and someone to chat with when you get there. Network with people who have similar goals.

Ø Step 7 - Delegate the work. Geese fly in a 'v' and change lead geese frequently so the one in the wind doesn't get so tired. If you have a group of people working toward the same goal, none of them have to work alone. It always helps to have people working with you - and new minds creating ideas.

Ø Step 8 - Be yourself. If you are born a goose, you aren't likely to ever become a swan. It isn't that you can't become better than you were/are. You can become the prettiest most talented goose with the best education, and you may become the best leader in the flock. However, you will NEVER be able to become something that YOU aren't. Be who you are and be the very BEST you that you can be.

It's really difficult to recognize every achievement, so as a society we often overlook those who are not at the top of the heap. It takes a few at the bottom, to keep those at the top elevated, so if we realize that, we have to acknowledge the part they play in the lives of those at the top of the heap. By recognizing their part in the whole of society, it would be beneficial to notice them and acknowledge their victory. Simply getting above the muck and into the air, means victory for the goose - he's airborne - even if he never becomes a leader in the flock - he's a victor!

As members of society, we need to recognize those who just barely get out of the muck. Their success may not be as grand or extraordinary as the flight of an eagle, but it is no less victorious.

Steps to Victory

1. Look UP!

2. Put it all into your GOAL.

3. Believe in YOURSELF.

4. Have Faith.

5. Have a PLAN.

6. Create a Support Network.

7. Share the work.


Copyright © 2001 - Jan Verhoeff Printed in the USA

Jan Verhoeff is a business consultant who specializes in the development of new businesses throughout the Greater Great Plains States. She educates business owners in the process of developing business and marketing plans for their businesses that will encourage them to set and meet productive business goals.

She is the author of a variety of articles published in a variety of business and trade publications throughout the USA.

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