Taking the Leap of Faith

So often we stop and look at our lives and say silently within, "What am I doing here? What is this life I have chosen and is it all that I wished for?" " Am I living my purpose? Is this what I really intended to achieve in this life experience?"

Have you ever asked yourself questions like these? Have you stood on the edge of a precipice in your mind's eye and known it was time to take a huge leap of faith? What does that feel like?

If this is something you have experienced in your life, or are in now, remember to stop and take a deep breath. Realize that these times are when you are more deeply connected to your soul and soul purpose. It is the time when your soul is speaking through you to be heard, wanting to move forward, wanting to 'change'.

There's that big word- CHANGE. It is one of the most difficult actions for us to face. It means that we will step out of the comforts of the old and familiar. Even if we haven't enjoyed the old way, it was still familiar. It is change that we hope for, that we ask for and desire, yet also fear the most. When we stand on the edge of the cliff, preparing for that big leap, remembering that we are here to fly can be the furthest thing from our minds. We fear the fall. We have choices. We can choose to leap and then we must turn to our faith, our knowledge within that there is a Higher Sense or Higher Power.

Is faith something that has been difficult for you? Faith involves trust. Trust that the Higher Power is there to provide for you and care for your wellbeing. Trusting that there is a place within that you cannot control; a place where surrender is the only form of action that works. When you come face to face with uncovering your soul's purpose, trust your soul to know that it is working for your highest good. Surrender that which you cannot control. Trust in Divine Right Action and Timing. Have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Listening to your soul urges and whispers is a big part of this. Go where you are guided. Shed light upon those areas that have been unseen. Ask for assistance when needed. Look to a teacher, a guide to lead you over the unsteady, bumpy parts of the path. Talk to your guides. Ask them for clarity. Ask your Higher Self to show you the next step. Don't be surprised if that comes with being guided to do things out of your ordinary routine, or to ask for help when you usually think you can 'do it all on your own.' We do get very hung up in that one at times! Being self-sufficient and empowered does not mean we do it all on our own. It does not mean we cut off all sources of assistance. Being empowered, truly empowered means we know when to listen and when to ask.

Are you asking the right questions? Are you even asking? Are you listening? These are all things to think about. Go deep within your being and sit in silence. Meditate upon the silence, ask the questions, listen for the answers. Answers do not always come in black and white, sometimes there are clues that lead you to find the deeper answers. Life can be a riddle to be figured out. Life can also be a blessing to be shared with others and life can be a leap of faith.

Have faith, trust in yourself and take the leap!

© 2004 Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster is an Intuitive Counselor who assists clients to create extraordinary transformations in their everyday lives. Her work is uplifting, empowering and success-oriented. You can visit Jodie's website at www.illuminationsnetwork.com">http://www.illuminationsnetwork.com for further information and to schedule a private intuitive session. You can also look for weekly updates to her blog at: intuitiveinnovations.blogspot.com">http://intuitiveinnovations.blogspot.com.

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