You Are So Unreal

Mankind's ability to give life to lifeless objects, gives rise to much of the grief and frustration that he brings upon himself. He animates, or humanizes all sorts of things and other creatures, then believes in his mind that they are human.

This is all part of his creative power and clearly demonstrates his ability to create his own reality. In his own life he believes the illusion of his own existence. The illusion is powerful and keeps him grounded within the parameters of his physical world.

It does not stop him from reaching out to create or find new life in other lands, space or in his pet rock or stuffed animal. Mankind has a obsession to find life, where ever life may exist, even if he has to imagine it.

At some level of understanding man feels the connection to his surroundings and has a hint that it is life that created them. He humanizes so that he may get close to his surroundings and communicate. So the he may get confirmation of that connection. It is this same ability that has caused man to humanize his creator, so the he may feel the connection and be able to look him in the eye and commune.

This human quality has had the effect of making his god more approachable and less powerful. It has also added separation. The creator in reality is neither a thing nor an object, she is a thought process, and does not physically exist. God can never be found, because God is everything that is and is not.

Humanity has tried to create another stuffed toy, and has given it human qualities?put it on a pedestal and has worshipped it. He has humanized it and lives in fear of it. Man has tried to create something that already exists, that he can relate to with the human physical senses. Then he does not understand why it does not react to him or respond in human terms.

Mankind believes that he himself, is alive? it is the puppet that is alive, not the puppeteer. The puppet brings life to the one that created it. It is the object of mans attention that creates the illusion that man exists at all. That is the great secret. That is what brings mankind to the physical realm. It is the objects of mans existence that creates his illusion. It allows him to move in this environment giving him the illusion of motion, moving from one object to another. Focusing his thoughts from one thing to another allows him the belief in motion and distance; such as a cartoon that is drawn on a page and on others in incremental steps. When viewed one page at a time quickly, it gives the illusion of motion to the character on the pages.

Remove mans objects and he becomes motionless, he is no longer relative to anything. The illusion disappears. Man moves in these incremental steps. But it is not him that moves. Only his focus, that shifts from one probability to another.

In the world of illusion, people are the illusion.

I am the observer, because it is I that is looking back at myself, it is my physical reflection, my idea of what I would look like in the physical world. It is the image in the mirror that has the life, looking back at itself. The illusion and the object become the same, they are immersed into one entity and the distance between becomes the illusion.

Time and space allow the illusion to happen. Time and space become the illusion. Know this, that the only thing real about you, it is your thoughts. Your physical thoughts are created in the objects around you. Your thought about cold, brings objects into your life that reflect cold or hot. Because you have experienced both in your lifetime, it is not necessary to experience them physically in order to appreciate the difference. The memory of the experience, brings the physical experience into you consciousness. Do not knock yourself out trying to understand this, it will literally drive you from your mind, simply be aware and use the illusion to experience yourself, which is me, in all the physical manifestations that you experience.

When you give a name or human attribute to an object, understand that you are trying to connect to the life force that is animating you, you are trying to touch me. It is your natural tendency to create and become part of your surroundings. Keep an open mind, that your existence depends upon you creating them.

A shark will die if it stops swimming. You will die if you stop creating. Change is your only permanency. Keep changing and you will experience life. Give up attachments, become attached to creating, and you will feel life within your lifeless body.

Give life to your Teddy Bears, your car, your golf clubs, give them names and communicate with them, you will begin to understand your true nature, as that of creator. You are me, creating and bringing life to lifelessness. It is an endless journey that has only movement. Life exists only in the creating,not the objects of creation. Here in lies your power, in your ability to create and believe in what you have created, believe in the illusion. I believe in you, my creations, you bring me life.

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister, light worker, writer and author of New Age books. Visit him at"> for 100's of articles on New Age Wisdom. Written in simple language with the eloguence of Zen wisdom. Free gift!


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