A Cat In The Hand Is Worth Two Birds In The Bush!

I bought this computer just over two years ago with my first venture into the world of credit cards. I'm a mature woman and have seen and done a lot in this world, but nothing could have prepared me for this. When I finished high school computers were not standard curriculum and, as was the way back then, I did the family thing with little to do in the way of secondary education. So, with my children married and raising families of their own, some maniacal little voice in my head told me I could get a credit card, buy a computer, learn how to use it, make a whole new life for myself and all would be rosey. NOT!!!

Don't get me wrong! I'm having a wonderful time with this new distraction and I have actually begun building my own web site and totally astonished my daughters.

Life presents us all with roads and potholes and ditches that we have to navigate around and sometimes it seems the road just drops off the edge of the earth when we enter our latter years. Maybe that perception is triggered by menopause, but, hey, men feel the same way so it isn't all hormones. Middle age doesn't mean life is half over, it's just halfway through all those potholes. Opening our minds to all that is available to us if we just make the effort to reach out is a little like turning the headlights on as dusk approaches. All of a sudden everything becomes a lot brighter and it's so much easier to see the great scenery ahead.

Like most people whose children have left the nest, I have pets to keep me company; two cats, a dog and one very loyal two-legged critter that I think I'll keep around for a long time.

Since I've taken up this web obsession my little Russian Blue cat, Nicky, has become a total suck and ever more demanding of my attention. He's an amazing little boy and I love him to death! Then theres Ginny, the orange tabby sumo wrestler and Sammy the cocka-collie. Last, but far from least, is kris, my strength and bain of my existence.

All of this has happened to me in my so-called middle age. A very eclectic family dynamic, a computer that is costing me a lot in hair dye, and a cat that keeps bringing me presents of half alive birds. I think this middle time is going to last a very long time and I intend to keep plucking away at this keyboard and searching sites like this for answers to my never ending list of questions. With a little karma and a smile from the Big Guy, perhaps I will hear some stories from others who have found a place to share.

I think I just gave my author bio, but since you ask...52 year old female disabled by MS; Canadian; live in the country; animal and nature lover; my web site, horror movies and Stephen King novels are my favorite distractions. My loves are my daughters (3), my grandchildren (8), my better half, my pets and my home. I hope to, someday, actually make just a few dollars from my web site. Just so I can say 'I actually did it'.

P.S. Why can't 'AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!*&?#*!!' be a keyword?


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