Increase Awareness With One Simple Question

There are many ways we can increase our own personal awareness about our life and what we want to make out of it. Yet, we seldom ask the question, "Why am I doing this?" By consciously becoming more aware of what we do and why, we can then make phenomenal changes. Usually in leaps and bounds. This includes losing weight, being happier, working in a job we love, and all the rest of the things that most of chase.

Here are four easy ways you can begin increasing your own personal awareness. These methods are around you all day long and you will not need to do anything difference except slow down and ask the question. Further down I'll explain why.

1. Listen to others communicate. It is easier for us to name what we don't want than what we do want. Since this is the case, by listening to others converse, we can then decide what we don't want. What language we don't want to use. What beliefs we don't want to have. What...etc. we don't want to have. It is important to not stop there if you are finding your awareness through the don't door. If you are not coming through that door and enter through the 'I want' door then by listening to others communicate you can decide what you do want in your life. Listen to others -- what they say and how they say it. Take notes on what you agree with and disagree with, or even the neutral line -- what you aren't sure about.

2. Read a variety of publications. We read all the time, yet what is our awareness from what we've read. If you read before bed time in a tired numb state it's difficult to be aware of anything. Do you read only work material that is dry and boring? Do you only read science fiction or some other particular genre? What does this type of reading help you become more aware of in your life?

3. Listen to radio and television talk shows. By listening to others communication we learn to formulate our own opinions, understand our own awareness in the world, in our own life, and what we want and don't want. You don't always need to agree, in fact, by disagreeing with the speaker you're awareness is even more heightened.

4. News. Listening to the news or reading the news can increase your awareness about the world, your community, and other people's opinions. This results in an increased awareness of what you want and don't want.

Probably by now you have guessed why it's important to want to increase your awareness. If we live in a vacuum then the air inside us and all around us gets stale. Eventually there isn't any air left and we die from the toxicity of our own breath. Awareness stimulates us into knowing and understanding ourselves at levels we could never do on our own. But it can only do so if we ask the question, "What new awareness are we taking away from this?" Yet, we must also listen for and hear the answer. When was the last time you asked the question?

(C) Copyright 2005, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

Catherine Franz is a Life and Business Coach and Master Practitioner in the Laws of Attraction. Catherine guides others in finding the light of their own existence and walking an attractive truth in their own lives.">


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