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Need inspirational information that will help you position your life forward. Life is simply too short to stay stuck in a life that just doesn't work for you.

Dont Die With Your Dreams Still Inside You

I write and talk a lot about dreams. Primarily because I knowwe serve an awesome and amazing God, who gave us dreams for an awesome and amazing purpose.
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The Power of Inspiration

INSPIRATION can be a powerful thing. It can keep you going when all around you cries out "quit!" It is even more powerful than motivation,as motivation gives you your basic reasons to keepgoing--it tells you why you want to do what you do, because motivation is based on goals.

5 Things That Americans Can Do To Remember Reviving, Surviving and Thriving in the Wake of Sept 11

For those people who lost friends and loved ones in the September 11th World Trade Center attacks, the anniversary will re-open the wounds and renew the pain of great loss. For the rest of us, it is a painful reminder of our vulnerability.

Believe In Yourself And Become a Winner: Lessons from Hollywood

Copyright 2004 Priya Shah A while ago I made it a point to watch the movie "Legally Blonde." Not just for the bright, chirpy and eminently watchable Reese Witherspoon, but also because I loved the message it sent out.

Dare To Dream

The rewards of life come to those who do, not to those whomerely read, talk or day dream. Action is the key.

Are You The Master Of Your Destiny?

How strong are you? I'm not asking if you can carry 150 lbs. of weight.

The Serpents Genesis 1 and 2

Not long after the beginning a being fell from the heavens to the earth. Even as the Spirit of God hovered overhead, the Serpent swam the waters below.

Alone But Not Lonely

In today's fast paced society, we've become accustomed to filling the eeriness of silence with fluff. We turn to many distractions as a means of escaping feelings of idleness or boredom.

The Fighting Father

This man is an Anglican priest but with a difference. You would not want to offend him put it that way.

My Passion, My Life

Every morning I excitedly get out of bed. Just a few minutes of goals and visions for the day swirl in my head.

7 Strategies to Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You Can Overcome panic attacks and anxiety! That is great news to those who suffer day in and day out, year in and year out. I have and I know that you can too.

Who is the Pilot?

It was a mild summer day in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina when I boarded United Airline flight 7318 to Washington, DC. Like usual, I promptly located my window seat, with no doubts that the pilots would safely take me to my destination.

Withstand the Test of Time

As I drove home from work late one wintry afternoon, chilled from the freezing temperatures, I noticed the beautiful trees aligned on both sides of the road. Amongst the evergreens and the pine trees, one tree in particular caught my attention as it majestically stood, with its strong branches extending outward.

Mirror, Mirror -- What Do I See?

"A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world.

Accept Every Invitation

How often do you decline an invitation because you have something else you would rather do? Or you're not crazy about the person asking you to join? Or you're not interested in that type of event? Or you feel like doing nothing? ..

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For the birds: An inspirational story of survival, by Steve Gilbert
The Keene Sentinel
You can come back at the end of your 30-day period for another 10 free articles, or you can purchase a subscription and continue to enjoy valuable local news and information. If you need help, please contact our office at 603-352-1234. You need an ...

Youth group carries on St. Louis mission after Bibles, personal items stolen ...
One of the youth's Bibles held inspirational notes from a teacher and church members, Lueder said. Cash, iPods and other items also were taken, Lueder said. Efforts are underway to raise money to replace the losses. Donations are being accepted in an ...

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Theater Calendar week of July 25
The News-Press
(From left to right) Amber(Lily Anderson), Link (Jacob Hartman), Dynamite (Tiffany Morina), Tracy (Kaley Whipple), Dynamite (Georgia Heers) & Seaweed (Chris Campbell) in the KidzAct performance of Hairspray, to be performed in Blackburn Hall at Sugden ...

Tigers Return Home Next Week to Host the White Sox and Rockies in Six-Game ...
Detroit, MI- The Tigers return home next week to begin a six-game homestand at Comerica Park. The homestand begins with a three-game series against the Chicago White Sox. First pitch for Tuesday and Wednesday's games are at 7:08 p.m., while the ...

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Lake Placid News

Ironman Lake Placid returns for year 16
Lake Placid News
Information updates concerning athletes that enter the tents will be posted outside of them. McKenna ... McKenna said the event also encourages a lifestyle of wellness with its inspirational athletic nature, adding a fitting Olympic spirit to the ...

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Celebration of Grace planned at Clemens Field
“Everyone from the Hannibal community and the surrounding tri-state area is invited to come and share in fellowship, faith and fun while experiencing inspirational speakers, a Christian band, a Christian comedian and music presented by local churches,” ...

Vincent Defrasne: Helping to inspire a new generation
We're providing YOG participants with inspirational examples on touch tablets, such as information about the careers of great champions and the way in which they've promoted sporting values in the wake of their Olympic exploits. We are working on seven ...

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Philippine Information Agency

Benguet holds speakers bureau training on Climate Change advocacy
Philippine Information Agency
The training was spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, through its Benguet Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office, and in partnership with the Philippine Information Agency – Cordillera Regional Office ...

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Align yourself with positive influences
Journal Review
Last week I spoke about how we can apply good books and inspirational movies to help us improve our lives. Stress is a part ... This is really an excellent analogy because once information in any form is received, it is embedded into the neurons of our ...

Spruce Grove Examiner

Conquering cancer, one finish line at a time
Spruce Grove Examiner
After surgery and three rounds of chemotherapy, Simon went back to work and discovered that his then career wasn't where he wanted to be, so he enrolled in the digital media and information technology program at NAIT in Edmonton. After his first year ...

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